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Founder & Artist of the xDREAMS NFT Project

Hi, my name is Jay and I'm the founder and artist behind the xDREAMS NFT project. 

I believe life is a contrast of the mundane that sits below our feet and in front of our eyes each and every day. It comes in all forms, from natural to man-made and somewhere in between. My passion and work is finding the obvious and unseen and giving it energy, giving it life and creating an emotional attachment to a scene that would normally go unnoticed. 


This work blurs the lines of sharpness, gives depth to the shallow and creates motion for the still.  Whether it’s a single autumn leaf on a bed of coarse winter snow, a blooming flower at its peak of beauty or a tree blurred within the suns rays, each xDREAMS will let you explore your desire to create something from what your eye sees and your heart feels.

My goal with xDREAMS is to create one of the top NFT projects on the XRPL. So set your trustlines now and lets dream big xDREAMS


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